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Xtreme sports like rafting, tubing, rappelling, mountain bike, kayaking, camping in the cloud forest, extreme trekking and other exciting adventures are organized by El Septimo . Visits to the butterfly farm, orchid house and the Nambillo cable cart are also available. 

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The Tandayapa and Mindo Valleys, just 84 km northwest of Quito, are amongst the best birding sites in South America. Around 430 species have been recorded, with 370 in/around Mindo alone. The birding here is excellent with species such as Toucan Barbet, Scaled Antpitta, Spillman`s Tapaculo, Little Woodstar, Long-Wattled Umbrellabird, Tanager-finch, Black-crowned Tityra, Golden-Bellied Warbler, Torrent Duck, White-Capped Dipper and many more.

Birding at El Septimo is a magical experience, the overwhelming 342 species makes birdwatching here unforgettable… Birdwatching at its best!

hummingbird extreme

This Tour will take you to various habitats where the flying “gems” live.

mindo extreme

This Tour will cover the most impressive birding and wildlife areas of the country.

andes, yanacocha tandayapa

A seven day tour around most of the magical places of NW Ecuador.

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