Hummingbirds Xtreme

A really exciting experience!

There is a unique and extremely diverse family of American birds, they reach their maximum diversity in northwestern South America. In Ecuador they are especially numerous in the Andes. Hummingbird bills are slender, pointed, and quite often proportionately long.

This Tour will introduce you to the various habitats where these little gems live. Starting at the paramo where Hummers are capable of lowering their body temperature and entering a torpor-like state at night, thus conserving energy.

The subtropical valleys will be the place to meet fantastic species endemic to the Andean forest and shrub areas such as sparkling violetears and black tailed trainbearers.

The supreme experience will be in the cloud forest where the most spectacular hummingbirds will appear like the Violet-Tailed Sylph, booted Racket-Tail or the fantastic Velvet-Purple Coronet.

The visit will include trails with feeders and areas where literally hummingbirds will feed in front of you.