Cloud Forest Reserve

Because, we do care about our planet

Septimo Paraiso Cloud Forest Reserve is a private protected area, created in 2001, with the aim of saving and preserving the forest and the diverse ecosystems that are contained within it. It is managed by the Green Mindo Foundation, which is in charge of the conservation and the study of its 420 hectares of pre-montane and montane cloud forest.

The Reserve has one of the largest bird counts of the north-western area of Pichincha, with 328 species of birds. Several species of mammal have been found; such as puma, spectacled bear, black howler monkey, capuchin monkey, Andean coati, armadillos, white tailed and brocket deer, two toed sloth to name just a few. Also an incredible number of reptile and amphibian species had been spotted, plus an overwhelming number of plant species. The altitude within the reserve drastically changes from 950 meters to 1650 meters above sea level. In addition, the isolation of the region has created one of the most delicate, but rich and complex ecosystems known in the Mindo region.

What is the Cloud Forest?

Something to important to know

The definition given by the UNEP is

“Tropical montane cloud forests are a rare type of evergreen mountain forest found in tropical areas where local climatic conditions cause cloud and mist to be regularly in contact with the forest vegetation. These forests support ecosystems of distinctive floristic and structural form and contain a disproportionately large number of the world’s endemic and threatened species.” Press for link

For information on the Cloud Forest Agenda UNEP.

Cloud Forests usually occur between 1,400 and 2,500 meters above sea level.  They get their name from the persistant mist and fog that occurs at vegetation level. Due to the persistent cloud cover, cloud forests are very moist zones which helps to cool down temperatures.They are a source of water and an contain an impressive biodiversity that is just beginning to be studied. They are of prime importance for the survival of all living things and the planet as such.